What is this site?

It’s just my playground.  I try shit here, test plugins, test themes, whatever.

Mostly, I use it for stuff that needs to be “public” – so when I’m working on a client site locally and PluginX doesn’t work right, I deploy it here so that I can give a public URL (and site login, as needed) to the plugin author to look at, or post in a forum/FB group/etc for assistance.  Or if someone asks a question that I can answer with a quick mockup/demo, I do it here rather than on one of my real domains.

So… there’s usually a mix of really stupid shit here.  Nothing is “pretty” and never will be – it’s fast and dirty testing. Verbiage is crap, just lorem ipsum or filler, no copywriting here.


Whatever you’re looking for, you’re probably not going to find it here unless I sent you a link to a specific page.