Flooring Budget

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This flooring Calculator was designed to give a ball park figure. Prices Often change to reflect current market conditions.


Flooring Budget
You can play around with the numbers and selections above and don't have to "Submit" this form. But, if you'd like to send yourself an email with the data you've entered above, go ahead and put in your email address and hit Submit.

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“Behind the scenes”, this is just a form built using Formidable Pro, which includes field calculations.

The free/lite version of Formidable forms doesn’t include field calculations, so you’d need the Pro version, which is $50 (renewal discounts for annual support, you can read up on that on their pricing page)  There’s probably a form plugin or calculator plugin out there that does this for free if you want to go looking for one, but I’m familiar w/ Formidable, it does the job, and their support is top-notch.

I’d personally go this route rather than fixing the current .js approach because
a) it’s already responsive
b) once you get over the low initial learning hurdle, you can update/change/etc the options yourself pretty easily
c) it doubles as a lead-capture, if they’re interested


The ‘flooring type’ field here saves a different value (the cost per square foot. err, square meter I guess in CA?)   Not knowing floor covering prices, I just used a simple 1/2/3/4/5/etc progression on the choices here


The trash removal and furniture moving fields are the same thing – the saved value is just the cost associated with each selection


the Price Estimate field is where the main calculations take place

([yn5kc]*[ox12i])+([yn5kc]*[ft6fy])+[kgrtq]+[hcb9j] is the calculation, using field keys, which basically translates to:


SquareMeters is a read-only field calculated by (room_length_field * room_width_field)


If you’re interested, you can grab the exported form here to import in and play with to see how it works, or use as a starting point to build your own or whatever.