If that’s something like what you’re trying to do, I found this method here:


( function( window, $, undefined ) {
'use strict';
$( document ).ready( function( ) {
//Add links around individual slider items
var $slider_class = $( '.dress-carousel' );
function ss_elementor_load_add_links() {

$slider_class.find( "img[alt='PRONOVIAS-ATELIER']" ).parent( '.slick-slide-inner' ).wrapInner( '<a href=""></a>' );

$slider_class.find( "img[alt='HELEN']" ).parent( '.slick-slide-inner' ).wrapInner( '<a href=""></a>' );

$slider_class.find( "img[alt='Berta']" ).parent( '.slick-slide-inner' ).wrapInner( '<a href=""></a>' );

$slider_class.find( "img[alt='ALESSANDRA-RINAUDO']" ).parent( '.slick-slide-inner' ).wrapInner( '<a href=""></a>' );

$slider_class.find( "img[alt='PRONOVIAS']" ).parent( '.slick-slide-inner' ).wrapInner( '<a href=""></a>' );

} //* end ss_elementor_load_add_links() function
//* Load function but check if slider class exists
if ( $slider_class.length ) {
} ); //* end doc ready
} )( this, jQuery );

if you’re using GPPremium (looks like you are), you can add the script to the GP Hooks, wp_footer

might want to wrap it in a conditional, like if you’re only using it on the home page something like this:

 <?php if ( is_front_page() ) : ?>
//script here
<?php endif; ?>


don’t forget to give the carousel a class matching the one you use in the script [the line:  var $slider_class = $( ‘.dress-carousel’ );]

and enter the alt text to match on the pics in the media library